Basic Concepts of Ai and AiR

Ai draws from multiple disciplines including computer vision in the generation of Ai software.  Two main categories of Ai algorithm development includes machine learning and deep learning each requiring different numbers of data points in their algorithm development.  The general structure of structuring a indata mpcinld. Discussion of Professor Rogers concept in social sciences of diffusion of innovation and registrants self assessment and healthcare system of self assessment and where they are on the contnnum of innovation

Ask yourself the following the introspective questions

  1. Do you want your healthcare institution to inadvertently become laggards? 
  2. What negative effect might this have on patient care if you are delayed in implementing Ai?
  3. Would you want your family member to have the advantage of Ai in their care?
  4. Will radiologists, radiology administrators and radiology technologists be replaced by those that embrace Ai?”